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Welcome to AmigaCd32.com! This site is a collaborative effort between myself, Brian Green, and Brad Johnson, both long-time collectors of Amiga CD32 games. The site has been a thought for years, an work finally started on it in 2009 but stalled while I took care of my newborn daughter. Now that she's a bit older, it's become a lot easier to sit around and write code and update databases.

The project was started a couple of years ago when we both found that there is very little information about the system on the internet. It has an interesting digital archaeological history, and just when you believe you have found everything for it something new appears. Furthermore, items you thought did exist in reality, are vaporware.

All pictures, scans, videos, etc, are done by either one of us and in the rare case its not, credit is given on where it was pulled from if possible. Between the two of us, we come close to spanning the entire CD32 library, though not as much for the range of CDTV titles. The objective of the site is to have every game scanned, catalogued, video-captured, etc and put up on the site. Hopefully you find the information useful and interesting, and of course if there is something you'd like to see, we're always open to suggestions.

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